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About NIR Technologies Inc.


NIR Technologies Inc . was established to develop new applications and deliver services in the new and emerging field of near infrared spectroscopy. Near infrared, which is referred to by some as the sleeping giant of analytical chemistry, has found applications in many industries including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, polymer/plastic, agricultural, food, and  medical industries for both quality control and research.

NIR Technologies Inc. has a highly educated and skilled staff. Our founder and Director of Technology, Hormoz Azizian, has a Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from Sussex University, U.K. He has previously worked at both the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo, and as a project leader at one of the top electric power producers in North America. He was technically responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of the FT-NIR cable insulation identification technology to identify cable insulation on site in nuclear stations.
  • Design, development, construction and marketing of a portable moisture and saturation analyzer that is used at-line to determine the relative saturation and moisture content of insulating oils in electrical equipment.
  • Joint development of a polymer modification process at the University of Waterloo which was patented worldwide and received the gold award for innovation from the Government of Canada in 1987. The process was successfully commercialized.

His recent FT-NIR developments include:

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